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The Kiwanis Educating Youth (also known as KEY) clubs main aim is to help the local communirt as well as other communites throughout the world. We also hold numerous fundraisers to donate to under-privaleged areas. The club is affiliated with other organizations such as the United Nations International Children's Funs (UNICEF) and donate money to certain causes such as Pediatric Trauma Prevention (PTP) and Disater Relief.


Key Club is an international student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leader ship. This worldwide club spans through 5,000 clubs in 30 countries with about 250,00 members.

Mountain View is one of the 11 schools in Division 34 South (d). These schools include Los Altos, Fremont, Cupertino, Gunn, Monta Vista, Menlo-Atherton, Homestead, Lynbrook, Palo Alto and College Track. Once a month, all of the schools within the division come together at a DCM to socialize but at the same time, we also do service. Numerous divisions make up a district. The district spreads to all Key Clubs across California, Nevada and Hawaii (Cali-Nev-Ha).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Key Club?
We don't make keys. Key Club originated from its parent club, Kiwanis. Kiwanis is just like Key Club but for adults. Key Club is only limited to teenagers in high schools with a registered club. There are many other sections of Kiwanis such as K club for kids in elementary schools or bulter's club for middle/junior high school students.

What is our mascot?

What are our colors?
Purple, White and black.

What is an LTG?
LTG stands for lieutenant Governor. The FTG is basically the head honcho of the entire division. He/she arranges all divisional and interdivisional events and is also in charge of all presidents in the division.

What is a DCM?
DCM stands for Divisional Council Meeting. At each DCM, all of the schools in the division get together and work on a project, whether raising money to donate to the Pediatric Trauma Prevention or collecting food to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank. Once a month, one school will host a DCM and come up with a different project to focus on, while our LTG informs us about important upcoming information.


Key Club on Facebook
Our facebook page.

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The official website for Key Club.

District Key Club
The official website for the "California-Nevada-Hawaii District KEY club."

Division Key Club
The D34 South Penguins website for the clubs within the district.

Key Club elist
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