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Divisional Cheers

How do you feel?
When asked "How do you feel?"
I feel good, oh I feel so good, UH!
I feel fine, all of the time!
Abooga! Abooga!

One person: Penguins!
Everybody else: Awhoo!

Rock the House
Who rocks the house
We say the penguins rock the house
and when the penguins rock the house
We rock it up! and down
And all the way around, uh!

Wish You were
Ooh, aHH you wish you were a penguin
[however many times called]

We've got spirit
We've got spirit, yes we do?
We've got spirit, how 'bout you?
[repeat back and forth in a spirit battle]

Penguins in La Casa
Hola! Que pasa!
Penguins in la casa!

Automatic, Supersonic
Automatic, supersonic
Hypnotic, Funcky Fresh!
Work that waddle, work that waddle
Let me see you penguin step!
Rock it, don't stop it!
D34 South!

Lean Like a Penguin:
All the penguins they know what I mean,
Baby lemme show you I lean, like a penguin,
Flippers up! Side to side!
Flippers up up! Side to side!

District Cheers

Cali-Nev-Ha Bee Rap
From the East to the West
You know we are the best
We're the distric with the sting
And that's why we sing
We're the bees BUZZ BUZZ
We're the bees BUZZ BUZZ
It's all about party-hardy CNH Bees